Faces After The Fall

10 etching plates & text/ 1980

Limited signed editions [25] includes set of 10 prints - giclee reproductions. 

"Embracing the embraceable is more easily accomplished when the comprehensible can be comprehended, but how do we propose to capture the hope of the pre-existent state leading up to Adam's fall when it appears that the final demise of all humankind ends with each man dying his own death?"

Can drawing from the well of dreams, nightmares and the internal dark emotions be brought forth in a kind of cognizance that will make some sense of the dread we feel and the horror we fear as we speculate the final future of our fate? Does every human portrait in its darkest moments emanate a dim light of the first betrayal - the first estrangement away from the Creator of Lights?

'Faces After the Fall' is an humble attempt to capture the betrayal and sense of abandonment we feel within our own enlightenment and brokenness.

Through dark glasses we desperately try to see behind the veil of this world's indelible shadows to decipher another reality running parallel to this one.

"Behind the corpse in the reservoir,​

behind the ghost on the links,​

behind the lady who dances and the man who madly drinks,​

under the look of fatigue,​

the attack of migraine and the sigh -​

there is always another story,​

there is more than meets the eye."​


W. H. Auden


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